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it means shit in arabic
"that ugly khara is so disgusting"
by rena December 10, 2003
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" OMG what a khara!" "Khara on you." " That piece of khara" "You wanna eat some khara, you khara face."
by Penya September 11, 2006
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Amazing, beautiful, unique and loving. The mirror image of perfection.
That dress you bought me is so Khara for the dance.
by Snefnie January 16, 2009
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khara is used amongst arabs very widely. They use it because they're always very late, procrastinate and just simply have a short-temper.
A: Hey, you're late always.
B: khara, I know, don't remind me.

C: The paper is due tomorrow.

E: Please take a number and wait for your turn.
F: KHARA, I don't want!
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
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Persian mythology

A gigantic three-legged ass which stands in the middle of the sea Vourukasha. The creature has six eyes; two are on the usual place, two are on top of its head, and two are in the hump. With the help of his sharp eyes he overcomes evil and helps in the management of the world. Additionally, he has nine mouths and one horn.
by Eleanor February 13, 2004
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The meaning of the word Khara black
Khara-Khorum, might be one of the following words: khara-khu'rem (black stone), khara khorin (black wall), khara-kerem (black castle), khara-korum (black shivers of the ruins of Uigur's KaraKorum, VIII CE), khorin ger (twenty gers, according to old Mongolian custom, was a center of the city), kho'l khorin (a place is not allowed to speak) and et cetera.
by Eleanor February 13, 2004
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