actually khanki means, women have no moral for having sex!!bitch is the meaning in english.
like moyuri is a khanki!! 8B
by fhgfgh December 02, 2003
Top Definition
Bengali slang for a whore/ loose pussy. A very bad girl.

Also means,'son of a bitch/hore'
Khanki maagi, toke dharshon korbo. means: U ho, I will rape u.

Apni sokhale uthe khan-ki? means: what do u eat in the morning??

by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
bengali for prostitute
khankir chhele khan bahadur
by khan babu September 08, 2003
A deshi whore
khanki magir vhodar moththe kurkuri ache. naile para sobare chodai ya baraibo keno?
Transl: the whore must have some kindda pussy itch, otherwise y she fukin' around with whole buncha boys in hood.
by MONISHA December 18, 2003
Khakir chhele Yeajur
Tor maa-ke chode nengti indur
by YeajurRehman October 23, 2003
khan ki
in english that will be :
what do you eat?
by pondit November 04, 2003
a sound to be used with the beat of drums in durga puja
like this
dhak:khanki maagir gud dekha jai(twice)
kaasor: koi mama koi mama...
by bappa December 17, 2003
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