A name to yell as an expression of anger or when you are in a state of misfortune.
"(Your Name Here), I'm going to have to let you go."
"Who's Khan?"
by GriffinRules.Com September 11, 2011
a person who is nice on the outside but is a bitch on the inside.
also word for female satient.
you have two names. your first names(persons name)and your second is khans
by joey chira January 19, 2009
the leader of a clan in the fictional universe of battletech.
My khan, we have 3 enemy Summoners at 320
by jojo November 30, 2004
lord of the underworld and master of pain
when you go to hell you will have to face the almighty khan
by Ivan Rabbett January 07, 2004
A jail toy. A person that tries to act gangster, can't be understood, and does not speak anwhere near decent English.
That person who tries to act all cool and "gangsta" at school is a khan.
by gangsterwangsterhater April 19, 2007
That annoying little Laotian fella who is Hank's neighbor on King of the Hill. He has a daughter, Khan junior, and a wife whose name escapes me at the moment.

Gahhhhh, Khan junior what you doing! That inbred hillbilly music designed so only people with six finger can play!

Khan's license plate says "King Khan".

So...you Chinese, or Japanese?
by mein name ist... August 28, 2006
A term used for a young male who has great aspirations of one day becoming a man. Notably lacking adequate masculine genetalia.
Boy: I wish I wasnt such a Khan, then the girls might notice me.
by floreeit March 03, 2008
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