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A rancid, liquid bowel movement after drinking too many Keystone (or Stones for short). Usually starts with a Questionable Fart or two, followed by rumbly in the ole tummy.

Then, the victim experiences a few convulsions, perhaps even a full blown seizure. Then all hell breaks loose, with a violent powerful ass blast with the consistency of Spackle or paint. The victim then angrily vows never to drink Stones again, but usually succumbs later on.
Gordon stopped by his apartment to get just a little taste of some crack. He quickly freebased a few hits, gobbled a few Loratabs, and slammed 16 Keystone light beers.

He was eagerly anticipating the toga party with hot co-eds. He changed into his white toga and went on his way. About halfway to the party, he experienced a Keystone Brownout in the car and had to terminate his plans.
by Jrubadub February 11, 2012
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