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what happens when you are messaging a friend and you can't seem to type the word you are wanting and the one you actually type has a completely different meaning
with keyboard dyslexia:
"you need to slut up"
non-keyboard dyslexic (actual) version:
"you need to shut up"
by jtchand May 02, 2006
It's like regular dyslexia except when you type.
Me: I dsilike that.

I have a severe case of Keyboard Dyslexia.
by Lady Alzers January 26, 2011
When someone cannot grasp spelling words correctly using a keyboard.
Common in scallys, chavs, geeks, lazy fucks, and small children.
Keyboard dyslexia:

Joshua says: *takes own lif*
(correction: *takes own life*)

Joshua says: u staerted the versoin
(correction: Have you started the version?)

Joshua says: am wareing pants nw
(correction: i am wearing pants now)
by KatehFlute July 05, 2007
Keyboard Dyslexia is an excuse for numerous spelling errors and random letters within words, usually in a word document.
keyboard dyslexia isd a excuse for numerouse speeling errorsd and rendom leyters within words, usually in a word documentr.
by corbane November 08, 2010
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