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A term of friendship or affection. Commonly used in the runcorn area of liverpool.
"Alright ler?"

"laughins ler"
#scouse #liverpool #runcorn #mate #friend
by KatehFlute July 05, 2007
When someone cannot grasp spelling words correctly using a keyboard.
Common in scallys, chavs, geeks, lazy fucks, and small children.
Keyboard dyslexia:

Joshua says: *takes own lif*
(correction: *takes own life*)

Joshua says: u staerted the versoin
(correction: Have you started the version?)

Joshua says: am wareing pants nw
(correction: i am wearing pants now)
#misspelling #retardation #retarded #illiterate #joshua
by KatehFlute July 05, 2007
A colloquial slang word, used commonly in the Runcorn area of liverpool, to signal happyness or contentment.

Also used to signify understanding between two people without having to become too emotional i.e hugging, weeping in each others arms.
'Meet me at the co-op in a bit? Laughins'

'Oh you want more? Laughings then'

'Me and peahead are laughins now'
#ler #scouse #runcorn #co-op #happy
by KatehFlute July 05, 2007
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