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A not very funny comedian< I have no idea how this guy has gone anywhere in comedy. Some of his jokes are everyday ordinary silly but nothing really stands out. The only thing he knows how to do is make fun of his family, which isn't even that funny Ok, Kevin we all know how to make fun of our families, definitely doesn't take a genius! And quit pulling the poor me card!
Kevin Hart's "Feel My Pain" has to be one of the stupidest movie/documentaries I've ever seen! Shitty acting and retarded skits!
by Can you handle it? January 03, 2013
one of the funniest people no matter what hes talking about, and apperantly has some crazy shit happen to him and is the only black comedian to not say nigga or cuss excessivly to the point on comedy central its not like beep 12 times per joke. funny even during the day and taller then katt williams
*kevin hart is so funny that if i put one of his jokes in this example box the urban dictionary reviewers would laugh so hard they would forget to upload this*
by that one guy doing stuff July 02, 2011
A African American actor and comedian.He is hilarious & Notorious for his jokes and comments.
Alicia: Heyyy Did you see that kevin hart video im a grown lil man ?
Sandy: of course that was hilarious man !
by Emo-Kidd- June 28, 2011

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