The feeling of euphoria and detachment after inhaling some high quality marijuana.
"After the exam, we're all going to get Kevin Spacey."
#high #stoned #inebriated #spacey #space cadet
by Rippsik July 05, 2012
Top Definition
One of (if not) the greatest, actors the world has ever known. With the unbelieveable shapeshifting abilities, he is able to completely embody any role and bring it to life. Also, a rather attractive man and a hero in the betterment of the name Kevin.

See a God
Why do you have to be so unbelieveable? Well, you're just a little Kevin Spacey arent you?
by k Black May 20, 2004
Verb; to have a Kevin Spacey.

When the highlight of your day really was masturbating in the shower.
Aw, man. I fell asleep in a meeting with the director today, I so don't know how I didn't get sacked. It was a total Kevin Spacey.
by dj_monged August 08, 2004
a term used to describe a person, typically male, that keeps his/her personal life very private and therefore cannot be identified as 'straight' or 'gay’ because he/she exhibits signs of both lifestyles.
1. After the tabloid magazines claimed Kevin Spacey was gay, his protected private life only further convinced everyone that the rumors were true.

2. Max is a total Kevin Spacey; His favorite movie is Die Hard but he shops at the Gap.

3. My brother is always cuddling with that hot chick Ashley, but when I bring it up he rolls his eyes and claims they are best friends.
#ambiguous #metrosexual #sexually confused #bicurious #ace and gary #bert and ernie
by M.R. Brandau July 19, 2009
A fat guy who insists on always being in your facey.
Kevin Spacey in your facey talking about stuff you dislike.
"Get out of my face Kevin Spacey!"
#kevin #spacey #in #your #face #fat #annoying #the #hell #out #of #you
by NohaMorphis May 27, 2014
Feeling spaced out. Tired. Drained.
I am feeling really Kevin Spacey today.
#spacey #spaced #spaced out #sleepy #hung-over
by SabrinaB September 29, 2007
The act of pulling one's penis out of a girl's vagina during sex only to turn the girl around and slap her breasts yelling "Kevin Spacey, bitch."

Also refers to the Actor himself.
I totally gave her a Kevin Spacey last night.
#kevin spacey #tony danza #thelly #boston pancake #mecrob #pussy #penis #houdini
by amysmenu August 29, 2008
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