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Originally a meaningless mumble, picked up on in the UK and used incorrectly as a term of endearment towards the psychadelic drug ketamine.

However, the term 'bare ketiums' has developed a cult following, and is now officially recognised in the squat party scene as an abbreviation of the phrase 'lots of ketamine'

The term 'Ketium' is now used in a same way in The UK as 'Skunk' is used for genetically bred high strength cannabis, 'ketiums' freely used between cliques to assure allegiance.

" Mate, last weekend I did bare ketiums! "

"Oi bruv, got any ketiums? I ran out ."

" Let's go round Jack's, he's got Bare Ketium! '
by garethium September 24, 2007
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the best girl in the friend terms of course...crazy fun, a teeny bit crazy, usually seen partying with her best friend whos probally drunk and high(thats me!!) or at work taking orders....hahaha...she is average height for an american women and is of the bracial(black/white) shes got huge tits
wow ketia, stop drinking you have to drive ME home...or im fine to drive!! give me the no your too drunk give givemeyouuurkeeeyzzz...c'mooooon!!!! i can drive!!!
by sami(hi ketia!!) July 13, 2008

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