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It can be used as a verb, or adjective. Keshav is a type of dance which is the verb form. The adjective definition can mean swagger, cool, awesome, etc.
Im doin the keshav.

Yo, you got ur keshav on!
by SuperIndian December 26, 2010
A "Keshav" is an endangered creature that often stays hidden in a faggot and attacks when found. Famous for being the key source of food to the Cherokees. Today the creature can be found in India's great Palpur-Kuno wildlife Sanctuary found in the Madhya Pradish area in India.
An example of a "Keshav" would be the grey and white stripped variant that went extinct centuries ago.
by LoveableJon626 April 01, 2013
sp.kaye-shove n,vb.
a thicket of unshaved hair found under ones neck.

In rare cases, one also finds a clean patch in shapes(eg, square)
YO, LOOK AT HIM!!! , he has a 'KESHAV' !

person1 to person2:LOL, look at his keshav, it has shapes !
person with keshav: THERE IS NO SQUARE THERE !

gay1:AAH! i'm feeling his keshav, its so hairy!
by mofofisto December 16, 2011

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