K-Vegas is a quickly growing town right in the middle of everything. Located at the geometric midpoint between Winston-Salem and Greensboro, Kernersville is the center of the Piedmont Triad. Contrary to popular belief Kernersville is a pretty cool place to live, with lots of fun things to do - if you know where to look. The school system - unlike that of the rest of the state is pretty shitty and will probably yield only sociopaths and/or tortured poets. The population of scene kids is out of control and spiraling the high schools of Kernersville into a swirling vortex of want-to-be doom and destruction. However, Kernersville does posses its own Mafia - which is, as far as Mafias go, pretty cool, I've met some of them. All in all Kernersville is an all right town - peaceful and quiet, yet just a short drive to as much excitement as you can stand.
John: So where is Kernersville?
Jane: You mean K-Vegas? Its where the party's happening.
John: Is it a nice place to live?
Jane: Sure - if you know how to pimp it.
by Odysseus October 23, 2005
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