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A place you've probably never heard of, Kernersville is an overly populated state in North Carolina. It's near Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Kernersville is the place where most people are accepted and two schools will fight over anything. It's where 21 and 22 year olds will meet up with their 13-16 year old girlfriend's at Skateworld or the Fourth of July park for a booty call. Kernersville is commonly known as "K-Vegas". Some main places are WalMart, the cheap ass movie theater, the Fourth of July park, and Skateworld. In Kernersville you're likely to see many vampires, emos, goths, country people, and old people just looking for a kid to fuss at. Kernersville is the place where kids will lose their virginity and then claim that their pregnant 3 days later. Honestly, it's probably got more drama than most other cities in North Carolina. Almost everyone in Kernersville knows each other, so when someone knows something about you...EVERYONE will know. Don't talk shit about one person because they'll get all of their friends to kick your ass! I actually don't recommend coming here unless you want to be bored to death and practically trampled by people twice your age.
Kernersville sucks. Enough said.
by IamSlenderhearmeroar November 26, 2012

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