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A kernel panic is a type of error that occurs when the core (kernel) of an operating system receives an instruction in an unexpected format, or that it fails to handle properly. A kernel panic may also follow when the operating system is not able to recover from a different type of error. A kernel panic can be caused by damaged or incompatible software or, more rarely, damaged or incompatible hardware.
Dude, my laptop sucks... it suddenly developed a kernel panic about 15 seconds after boot-up.
by jheath April 27, 2004
it's similar to micro$hit winblows Blue Screen Of Death
You never forget your first kernel panic.
by lunatux June 21, 2006
Diarrhoea (or diarrhea, depending on your linguistic preference). Contrast with core dump, which is solid.
"Uhh, that was exhausting."
"Core dump?"
"Nope, kernel panic."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
The emotional distress and sticker shock experienced when purchasing popcorn, especially at movie theaters.
While purchasing a medium tub of popcorn at his local movie theater, Bart was so surprised at the $7.00 price tag that he had a total kernel panic.
by Nicholas Arnold July 14, 2008
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