A Kermit is a term for someone who's voice occasionally (or more than occasionally) bears a striking resemblance to the voice of the muppet, Kermit the Frog. This is especially fitting when the subject wears green constantly or is especially fond of green.
Yeah, his voice sounds like Kermit the Frog sometimes, and he's always wearing something green.
by Merula November 05, 2010
1) one of Jim Henson's muppets. He is a frog.

2) someone who looks like Kermit.

3) someone who has enormous eyes that bulge out, like a frog's.
"Tommy's eyes freak me out. He looks just like Kermit."

"Hey, Alexis, do you know what you and Kermit have in common? Ribbit... ribbit..."
by ihatemuppets82 October 26, 2010
A boy named Trevor.
Trev, we're calling you Kermit from now on.
by Walgreensssssss December 14, 2010
Somebody of Bohemian decent that displays the attributes of a common gutter snipe or gypsy. Lives on crisps and fags and has a 90% blood alcohol level. Plays video games all day unless otherwise instructed.
"Since he got made redundant he went all kermit on us."
by Lord Rhinestone Cowboy lll May 17, 2006
A green coloured alcoholic beverage, that is only known and drunk by an elite few, only these know the sacred ingredients to this unique brew. No night out can be taken to the next level without starting with at least 3 Kermits, after this, your memories may be slightly impaired but you know you had a great night, simply because you drunk Kermits.
Average Guy "What do you want to drink, im getting a pint in!"
Kermit Drinker "A pint! Ha, obviously you don't plan on having a real night out, get me a Kermit and a DVRB"
Average Guy "What????"
Kermit Drinker "Never mind, just go home! You obviously aren't harcore!"
by King of Kermits February 28, 2007
toilet or lavatory, bathroom (U.S)
plural, 'kermits'
Derived from cockney rhyming slang: Kermit the frog = bog
I'm dying for a dump, can I use your Kermits?


I'm off to use the Kermit, won't be long.
by rapster tee July 20, 2005
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