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The best person you will ever meet. If you are her friend, then you already know how lucky you are to know her. She can light up anyone's world with even just a hint of her smile, and meeting her eyes makes you want to melt. You can't talk to her without being overwhelmed by emotion, and whenever she isn't near you, you feel like something's missing. Everyone who has common sense loves her, while those without it are jealous and they don't know why. A girl who if you meet, you will fall in love with.
I was walking in the hall the other day and Kerianne said hi to me, and my stomach has been full of butterflies ever since.
by phat plat February 24, 2013
one who defines the action kerianne. You must be Kerianne.
kerianne will always be singular
by cocomommibal January 21, 2009
I love Kerianne! Her and I are getting married on July 4, 2010 or 2012! Kerianne is unbelievable, I can't telk to her without laughing, I love her so much. I hate how some adults think that teenagers aren't actually in love, cause I am. To this beautiful girl named Kerianne. She's so beautiful! If you've seen her you know I'm right, and if you haven't then you don't know what beautiful is. I am always thinking about her 24/7! I can't imagine my life without her! I love Kerianne Pruett. I LOVE YOU KERIANNE!
Kerianne is the girl i think about every second of everyday.
by KK<3KP September 03, 2009

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