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A polite way of saying shitstorm.
She caused quite a kerfuffle when she sent out that letter accusing them of cheating.
by lantian March 18, 2013
8 14
Something complicated/jumbled and/or overly difficult.
I've been spending forever painting this kerfuffle; can't I just leave it like this?
by seastone130 June 28, 2010
6 16
the coolest word ever! you can say it over and over and over and over and over and over and it never loses its hilarity. ehehehehehe! kerfuffle!
ps. it means a big stramash/scuffle
person 1:yeah, there was a big kerfuffle at the front when the band came on
person 2: *pause* ehehehehehehe! kerfuffle...*snortgigglesnort*
by Pretty Vacant May 27, 2004
57 69
A cough that makes you fart.
Dayle: Did you just kerfuffle?
Simon: Yeah, but I got the furball out.
by DayleSnail February 13, 2009
21 40
A very very rare sighting of a beaver like animal with a was seen in the back woods in southern had very large buck teeth and the people were not sure if it was a hillbilly that had moved into the wild or a very large beaver with a mullet.
Gosh dangit Cletus did u done jush saw that there massive beaverish lookin animal...i thinked it musta have tha same hair cut as myself...and much like the teeth i got in my perty lookin mouth.
by Andrew July 20, 2003
15 83