Trouble, hassle or when a scuffle!
I need a little bit of help getting him in and out of the pool! ...should be relatively kerfuffle free.
by Tracy March 23, 2004
basically used by Lou Reed from Little Britain. It means a state, a problem or a hassle
It's relatively kerfuffle free - it's without hassles or problems.
by ~Nat~ January 01, 2006
-to create a scene or attract lots of attention
-making large amounts of noise
"Look at those two kerfuffling over there."
"They're such attention seekers."

Teacher: "You two, stop causing such a kerfuffle!!"
"But sir, apparently, there's a new defintion in Urban!"
by queen of kerfuffalation August 25, 2011
Something complicated/jumbled and/or overly difficult.
I've been spending forever painting this kerfuffle; can't I just leave it like this?
by seastone130 June 28, 2010
the coolest word ever! you can say it over and over and over and over and over and over and it never loses its hilarity. ehehehehehe! kerfuffle!
ps. it means a big stramash/scuffle
person 1:yeah, there was a big kerfuffle at the front when the band came on
person 2: *pause* ehehehehehehe! kerfuffle...*snortgigglesnort*
by Pretty Vacant May 27, 2004
A cough that makes you fart.
Dayle: Did you just kerfuffle?
Simon: Yeah, but I got the furball out.
by DayleSnail February 13, 2009
A very very rare sighting of a beaver like animal with a was seen in the back woods in southern had very large buck teeth and the people were not sure if it was a hillbilly that had moved into the wild or a very large beaver with a mullet.
Gosh dangit Cletus did u done jush saw that there massive beaverish lookin animal...i thinked it musta have tha same hair cut as myself...and much like the teeth i got in my perty lookin mouth.
by Andrew July 20, 2003

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