A hardcore sex position involving two men, a duck, sandpaper, and a grapefruit.

First, the larger, alpha male, stands over the submissive, or bitch male, and makes the bitch perform oral felation. Next, the live duck is inserted, head-first, into the bitch's ass (keep in mind, this bitch is male), and the alpha male proceeds to rub the sandpaper vigorously onto the bitch's mankong. Lastly, the alpha male juices the sliced grapefruit on the bitch's mankong.
Man, I just got a Kenyon in that ally!
Tom, Kenyons are God's way of saying don't do that.
How long till you get the duck?
by Moo-cow September 13, 2005
Top Definition
a hot fuckable man that leaves the girls breathles. he has an eye for women and he always picks the hottest and most fuckable with big tits and nice round ass. Yeah id say you should fuck him because hes hot
i had a kenyon today
by saamas May 04, 2009
The boy's name Kenyon \ken-yon\ is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "blond".
Kenyon is an all-around great guy! Usually tall, muscular, smart and very witty.
by griz2 February 03, 2010
As in Peter Kenyon chief executive of Chelsea Football Club, meaning A 'Cunt'
Used mainly in football forums.
Alan Green off 606 live phone in on BBC Five Live Radio is a proper Kenyon.
by Whit Lane Red February 03, 2007
Someone Who will never feel the touch of a women; a person who touches themselves to japanese animation.
That guy over there is a Kenyon; ie Kenyon from WPL
by Leatherneck February 04, 2006
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