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The greatest country singer ever. Also, very good looking.
Kenny Chesney's tractor is sexy.
by Morgan January 24, 2005
145 166
A popular country singer among trailer-trash women, who are on average more then double his weight. He's rumored to be gay and probably is.
Bertha and Betty-Joe-Bob love them some Kenny Chesney... and ranch flavored doritos.
by Brian the Definer November 15, 2006
115 139
This punk is a balding, rather fugly, cunt tree singer who is, for some unknown reason, loved by millions of females across America, mostly in The South and parts of the lower Midwest (mostly Kentucky, Missouri, and southern Illinois). He has a horrid accent, can't even sing, and is pretty dumb.
Hi! Ah'm Keen-ny Chesn-ney and ah love the Confederate flahg, greetz, 'mater samitches (fried green tomatoes/sandwiches), and makin' kuntree muuzic. A-hyuck!
by damyankee May 25, 2005
115 177
Just another faggot-ass southerner making horrible music.
Hey, girls! Kenny Chesney isn't as hot as you think!
by smart ass May 25, 2005
90 152
A Country singer, married to Renée Zellweger.
Kenny Chesney sings "Anything But Mine"
by Swarsfanatic May 11, 2005
41 114
kenny chesney is a great country sinfger dated a sexy brunette named stephanie but broke up with her tragicly, is engaged to whitney delora wynn but is cheating with his ex...hint hint.
kenny is a great guy.
by stephaniekim February 14, 2005
28 114