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Kennady: kennadys tend to be crazily awesome, and always up for a laugh, they normally have large hair, but its nowhere near as large as her heart.. They tend to be slightly chavvy but that's what is what makes them them.. Normally they're very attractive, but other times...less so... Ultimately, kennadys tend to be the bestest peoples ever
Boy: I was out with kennady the other day
Friend: oh wow! You must have an awesome time, bet she's a catch
by theadderofnames October 29, 2011
A person who likes to get crazy, doesn't like to go with the flow, and generally divorces a man after their first day of marriage. Likes listening to music and calls every friend she ever has had her "girl". Also loves a kid named Zach a shit ton.
Mark: Hey do you know that new girl named Kennady?

John: Ya she fucking loves Zach.
by BsBallday August 17, 2011
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