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a cute and cuddly oddball who will most definately love you for life if you're nice to her.
kelsy is my best friend. i love her!!<3
by kelserrrrRrr August 17, 2009
A very rare creature who bloops and is one of the most adorable in all the land.
That kelsy just sneezed. OMG IT IS SO CUTE
by Mo Money Mo Problems. October 18, 2008
Cute , funny , bad ass girls who enjoy having fun. Adventurous usually smokers. Very bad attitude but biggest sweetheart you could possibly meet likes to party usually have long brown hair and very short
Shes a kelsy.
by She100 May 18, 2014
a certified badass, who is a sex god. likes to smoke(not cigeretts) and has a best friend named laura
" I want to bang that girl over there, she's like a kelsy."
by kray123 August 30, 2008
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