the most amazing woman on earth. model like blonde with blue eyes.
This woman changed my life. She is such a Kelley
by Simply Destructive March 05, 2008
Top Definition
Kelley is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. Kelley is the funniest girl and always knows how to make someone smile. If you ever find a kelley don't give her up because Kelley is one of the most attractive girls ever. Kelleys always have the greatest personalities.
Wow did she see kelley how good Kelley looked today?

Kelley looks so hot when she plays soccer!
by Swagdontcomecheap August 23, 2014
The definition of sexy, hott, gorgeous, the list goes on. Is one of the best and most amazing people you will ever meet and know. Can get downn on the dance floor, or just about anywhere else. And is far from a nerd or loser.
Damn, I wish I was a kelley.
by smartzz August 25, 2008
The truly Irish surname, generally refers to the nature loving irish who are not only good looking but extremely witty.
He's a real Kelley.

You must be a Kelley.
by Simply Stunning April 11, 2007
The most beautiful girl in the world. She has my heart. She holds it for me and one day I hope she will return it, along with hers. She is a vision of beauty, of kindness, gentleness and is the most sexy woman you will ever see. She will always be my girl, I will always be her boy. I will wait for her forever.
There is no comparison to Kelley.
by your.boy.forever February 05, 2010
An artistic, athletic, caring, sweet, witty, and extremely good-looking individual who has endless patience and is able to bring total fun into any event.

A person who people wish they were.
Not a wuss. There we go.

Love you.
Damn, I wish I were Kelley.

Who's that hot girl by the soccer goal? Oh, her? That's Kelley.
by sullen_behaviour January 13, 2013
Tall, slender, brown hair, brown eyes, dances to the beat of her own drum, intelligent, crazy, stylish, loves horses, can't live without dutch bros, permanent chocolate spilled on her left boob, tells it how it is, stubborn, is a tard and an amazing friend.
by Three Muska-tards October 07, 2010
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