jealous people (see example)
kellenberg guys make fun of chaminade guys cuz one: they can't get any and two: they are jealous cuz one day they will be working for those same chaminade guys.
by jeosaphet May 11, 2003
Top Definition
An Orwellian, mind-controlling cult which operates under the guise of a Catholic School.
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." -Sinclair Lewis predicting Kellenberg
by Kampfenberg1942 May 18, 2008
Really big school in Uniondale. Just like Chaminade only with girls. Has many clubs and sports. Academically very strong. In many people's opinions, it's a great school.
Kellenberg is really big!
by blue tuesday March 18, 2011
hell on earth;patrolled by a little troll. a diverse group of kids ranging from lax bros, wannabes and kiss asses. girls ranging from annoying cheerleaders, bitches and the chillest girls on long island. kids are down to drink or smoke at any point of the day.
One time i attended a kellenberg party, it was girls screaming and guys starting fights. never again.

"yo bro i attend kellenberg" Girl: "dont call me bro u fucking loser"
by oneheartonemind October 24, 2011
Greatest Catholic shool on Long Island. And it has chicks.
Hey there is a great articel in "The Tarmac" about how the Firebirds whupped on the panys Flyers today. Boy i sure am ashamed to be a sissy Chaminade boy. Do me a favor - pass me a straw - my beer is getting warm and my bubble bath is getting cold.
by Dalybone May 17, 2004
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