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(N.) very great man who is extremly funny and has a huge penis. usually found mac'in on some babe. also known as k-slab.
"that guy over there is hogging all the babes!"
"yeah hes such a kelby"
by cory manshack February 14, 2008
verb. To eat an entree from a fast food restaurant immediately after eating an entire meal at another fast food restaurant.
Dude, we totally pounded a number three at Hardee's and then Kelbyed it with a corndog from Sonic.

McDonalds was awesome, but I could totally Kelby some Wendy's right now.
by Thunderpussy February 22, 2008
One who is 1337 and gets a lot of women to go to bed with him.
That dude at the bar was a total kelby!
by David Kalkanian December 15, 2007
Smart,thoughtful,fun to be around,
Cute, stays with one guy not a cheater,loves that one guy, has many friends, and beyond beautiful
Guy 1: who is that?
Guy 2: that's kelby

Guy 1: I want her
Guy 2: good luck dude she's taken
by Bella achenyumm June 17, 2013
A Kelby is equivalent to 500 Trevors (half a dick ton of thrust) in the listings of the SAE (standards of american engineering) ASM (American Sexual Mesurment) department.
He went a half a Kelby in that hoe
by MistaThummbThummb December 02, 2014
noun (kelb -ie)
-when you make a stupid mistake or stupid remark!
- usually stupid or blonde people make these comments
example 1
friend 1: oh i though you could get high of tinfoil
friend 2: um....NO stupid
friend 1: oh opps...
friend 2: just pulled a "kelby"
example 2
friend 1: hey i bet if you'll find the word gullible on this Doritos's bag
friend 2: okkie
friend 1: she suchs a "kelby"
by babyface:) November 20, 2011
kelby a slutty hoe who likes to bang every guy and object she also is a skanky bitch who will suck you cock
kelby is kelby
by kelby2gass April 08, 2015

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