literally translates to lol in Orcish. started talking in Orcish on world of warcraft, and they hear it as kek.
i just pwned you, kek!
by drat March 22, 2005
Top Definition
Kek literally translates to lol on World of Warcraft. When someone from the Horde side types lol in /say, members of the alliance side see kek instead. Not specific to Orcs.
Human Paladin: Dude, that Orc totally just pwned you.
Orc: Kek.
Human: Dude, now he's laughing at you. Kick his ass.
by evapor8ed March 22, 2006
Not originally from World of Warcraft as some people think, 'kek' is the Korean approximation in english of laughter when typed on a Korean keyboard during Starcraft matches. As Starcraft was made by Blizzard as is world of warcraft, their connection to laughter in both games seems to be an homage of sorts.
Matt: OMGWTF you just got zerg rushed in the face!!!11
Trevor:Fuck that!
Matt: kekekekekekekeke
by Warcraft3 December 24, 2008
Traditional laugh or chuckle produced by the Korean populous of most Battle.Net games.
"King cow no kill yo? Kek!"
by Man Of Hate February 07, 2003
Same meaning as lol just spelled differently.
Guy 1: Funny comment
Guy 2: Kek
Guy 2: Amazing
by CANBA January 27, 2016
"Kek — Kill, dead, weakness (from Unas "keka", this term predates any of the other bullshit. cunts are ripping off Stargate!
My kek will get us killed!
by TheHangbackKing March 03, 2016
Liverpudlian slang term referring to trousers
"I like your keks lad where you get them?"
"My keks are aggy (old and weary)"
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005
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