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beautiful and sexy as fuhh (good in bed too)
Guy 1: yo you see that girl damnn son
Guy 2: yeah but she doesnt compare to Keiry
#beautiful #sexy #beast #cool #seducer
by John : ) June 03, 2007
A friendly, outgoing, sweet girl. Smart, but shy. She's shy but once you get to know her she's crazy but loving. Most of all she's gorgeous. Every each of her body calls you in. You cannot resist a Keiry. She is unbelievable great in bed. You'll fall in love easily. She's the type of person that you would make your wife.
Keiry, she's an amazing girl.
#beautiful #amazing #sweet #smart #gorgeous
by Bonilla_K November 09, 2013
A very gorgeous female with an amazing smile
Have you ever seen Keiry smile?
#smart #nice #outgoing #pretty #beautiful
by Eric_q November 09, 2013
Big ass , big boobs, perfect curves , her hair is so beautiful & her eyes can catch a nigga real quick they may not be colored but every time I look in her eyes I fall in love over & over again. She is a very special girl. She is outgoing and she is so gorgeous I can't even explain, but don't get me wrong she's also a freak but she definitely is a keeper she's the type you introduce to your mom and show off and the type you want to marry, she unforgettable , she'll make you fall in love with her so quick it's unbelievable if you have a Keiry don't loose her your going to regret it. She's crazy as hell but you'll get used to it. She argues with you because she is scared she'll lose you , she's been hurt so many times so she makes you go nuts to make sure you'll stay
Friend : ' oh man stop thinking about her
Me: '' I can't , bro she's Keiry ( turns around ) her smile is in my head & her love is in my heart she's unforgettable
by Alexbigdaddy November 26, 2015
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