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Stay true to the environment you grew up in, don't let the money change you.
"And I keep it hood, like this Phantom is a Nissan" - The Game, Red Nation
by answ January 05, 2012
continue representing your area of descent.
usher: "i do it for the ladies... and i gotta keep it hood"
by keneechy September 01, 2008
Can't be defined easily because it applies to many things. It means taking care of your people, keeping your soul, true to a culture- white boy from the go
Cause dubs aren't worth it to be driving around and shit, you know, but I still keep it hood
by ,kn;lknj November 03, 2010
refusing circumcision
to keep up family tradition billy had to keep it hood
by Sgt. Raptor March 01, 2009

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