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verb, any sick and brutal slaughter or consumption of puppies, kittens and/or cute baby animals.

noun, a demented irish man that probobly wants to cause you mental or physical pain.
verb: those crazy hoboes snuck int o the zoo and keelaned all the cute animals.

noun: oh my god dude, that sketchy guy over there with the potatoes and the pot of gold is a keelan...he was on the news last week.
by mr. polycronopolus September 26, 2007
1.the hottest guy ever that everyone wants
2.sexy but nice
3.some drunk (but good looking)irish bloke sitting in a pub with a pot of gold
person1.)omg! sex-bomb!! he is such a keelan..
by hot x0 August 22, 2008
a hockey player that HAD(NO LONGER =-( long hair who likes to be annoying. Also plays lacrosse.

favorite hockey team is the capitals. ._/

also likes to froggy hop a lot at random times.
wow Keelan, if you jump so high like all the way to china then fall I'm gonna laugh =-)
by yo momma at the grocery store November 30, 2013
irish man of 4 feet or less in height who tries to teach
that man is such a keelan
by feeblehunter January 29, 2008