verb, any sick and brutal slaughter or consumption of puppies, kittens and/or cute baby animals.

noun, a demented irish man that probobly wants to cause you mental or physical pain.
verb: those crazy hoboes snuck int o the zoo and keelaned all the cute animals.

noun: oh my god dude, that sketchy guy over there with the potatoes and the pot of gold is a keelan...he was on the news last week.
by mr. polycronopolus September 26, 2007
Top Definition
1.the hottest guy ever that everyone wants but nice
3.some drunk (but good looking)irish bloke sitting in a pub with a pot of gold
person1.)omg! sex-bomb!! he is such a keelan..
by hot x0 August 22, 2008
a hockey player that HAD(NO LONGER =-( long hair who likes to be annoying. Also plays lacrosse.

favorite hockey team is the capitals. ._/

also likes to froggy hop a lot at random times.
wow Keelan, if you jump so high like all the way to china then fall I'm gonna laugh =-)
by yo momma at the grocery store November 30, 2013
irish man of 4 feet or less in height who tries to teach
that man is such a keelan
by feeblehunter January 29, 2008
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