A derogatory term used in World of Warcraft by Alliance players to describe Blood Elves. Short for "Keebler elf".
"You guys run the flag, I'm gonna camp this keeb in midfield."
by rawrdruid April 21, 2008
a fatass homo sexual who likes to make cookies
keeb sucks dick
by pjcc February 11, 2009
Shorthand for Keebler. An assclown.
...a herd of silly assclowns stroll by...

Guy 1: Check it out. A buncha keebs over there.

by tlet March 27, 2008
One or many scruffy suburban jewish kids who act like steryotypical jews.
Don't touch my money you fucking keeb.
by ZanderMac October 29, 2006
A short, chubby, Italian guy from Queens.
Hey, keeb, what's up?
by keeb97 July 29, 2003

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