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Keannahs are the most beautiful girls in the world they can be really annoying, at times ,& get you mad alot but keannahs are sweethearts they will do anything for you , they are faithful they are just the type of girl to be around with for the rest of your life , they have the most cutest smiles ever , they dress real cute not just to impress others , but to impress their loved ones also , they are absolutely wifey type they cook good ,& they always gotta stay neat ,& clean they will argue over the stupidest stuff , they will always put a smile on your face , when your feeling low thats the generous type of girl to be with forever ,& ever

I found my keannah :) April 12,2012 happy with her ❤️
Keannahs have Big bootys , nice body , beautiful smiles ,& have the most adorable face ever
by Sneakerfreak December 04, 2013
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