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The name is Hawaiian for fire or flames. Keahis tend to have fiery personalities: they're leaders, outgoing, hot, bold and confident. They'll love you with a burning passion and you'll never meet someone more unique or exotic. To break up with a Keahi would be a big mistake as you may never get them back. Keahis tend to attract many people.
You wish you were a Keahi.

Keahi will warm up your heart and/or heat up the room.
by KanuhaK December 15, 2013
keahi is a very modest hawaiian name it was refered to be the most powerful hawaiian name that is why only the brave is named keahi. people named keahi are very legit and layed back. but beware even though he is a very nice person he can blow up if provoked
and hes the shit cause the name keahi
by butt cheese0000 January 26, 2011

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