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A kazoo duo.
Ethan and Chrissy make an excellent kazuo!
by berryto June 01, 2011
2 1
a pimp from irc that lives in the uk and apparently needs to restart his vmem

also likes to make the orgasm face.
<Kazuo> o,o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
by kallen July 30, 2003
11 11
is a weirdo on irc o_o
<Kazuo> I like to violate my privates
<Kazuo> and touch them..
<Kazuo> and touch them...
<Kazuo> and touch them....o_o..
<Laggy> someone call 911, kazuo is touching his vagina again p=p
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
12 13
A hopeless loser who, while drunk on power, banned many innocent players from bRO.

Ironically, showing the universe believes in justice, he was later banned himself from the service.

2)''Doing a Kazuo''
An unjust act, an unfair act, being a power whore.
1) Kazuo is such a whore.
2) This guy banned all these people the other day, he was just a kaz-bitch wannabe.
by Edmon April 19, 2005
25 31