A hairstyle that resembles either a Latin Amrican revolutionary or an Italian footballer from the mid-1990s.
"I used to fancy him, but he's got a kayvan now"
by girolamo savonarola October 20, 2004
Top Definition
In ancient persian means "Saturn". The root of the word means: "like king", which refers to the way Saturn looks like incomparison to the other planets. It is also a nice classy name.
His name is Kayvan. Kayvan planet in situated in the milky way.
by Dario- USA September 19, 2006
A bipolar noun that is known as a nome or hobbit like creature that lurks in dirty bars with snaggle tooth women who is prone to starting fights with men twice their size.
Girl: Look at that short man, with that fugly girl starting shit.
Girl 2: Oh I know, he's being such a kayvan
by papergangster May 18, 2009

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