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Acronym for "Korean Augmentee to the US Army"

Usually highly underpaid shammers who somehow manage to get more done in less time than a Chinese sweatshop worker.

Notorious for only knowing minimal spoken English, with the exception of "lunch time," "Pass", and "fall out"

Because all able Korean man between the age of 18 and 31 have to serve mandatory military service for the country, being beaten, abused, and starved for two years, applying for a KATUSA service is highly desirable and those who pass the test are highly envied, and thus treated like a public enemy.
"Those fucking KATUSAs disappeared again!"
"I'll bring my KATUSA over to translate this shit."
"It's okay my KATUSA will clean it up."
"Ask the KATUSA to call the local steak house to find out the time."
by Abe Jung September 15, 2006
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