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A girl, attractive, provocative, and smart, in a real world kind of way. Usually from a small town, from states such as Kansas. Also someone with high energy, low tolerance for alcohol, and a sister that makes life very difficult
Hey shes a kattie, but I love her anyway.
by dictionarioman August 29, 2008
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Charming. Funny. Can have a bitchy side. Sweet. Thoughtful. Quiet on the outside. Party person on the inside.
Person 1: That girl is really, really quiet.
Person 2: Oh bet her name is Kattie.
by sassy9393 January 10, 2012
an absolutely stunning person. a sweetheart. and a mermaid. all in one. and she's been known to throw awesome Labor Day and New Year's parties
my best friend is a mermaid. her name is Kattie
by iplaycroquetwiththeredqueen September 02, 2008

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