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Katsuma means 'Action', and refers to the law of cause and effect.
The concept of katsuma encapsulates the understanding that every thought, word, action, or experience (i.e. reaction / response to situation, circumstance or events,) no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, will have consequences - be they beneficial or otherwise. Katsuma speaks to us of the power latent within action - of the power and importance of thought, word & action - & also encourages us to be mindful of the probable outcomes resulting from our actions.

Or its a play monster on 'moshi monsters'
'Do you feel like a katsuma?' Yes i do.

'do you have a katsuma on moshi monsters?' yes i do but i also have a furi.
#moshi #monsters #small #action #furi
by tiam10 July 29, 2009
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