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1. (verb) to shoot with an arrow

2. (verb) to shoot like a BOSS

Related forms
katniss·a·ble, adjective
katniss·ing·ly, adverb
out·katniss, verb
un·katniss·a·ble, adjective

Can be confused:  bow-shot (n.) = the distance an arrow travels from the bow
katniss (v.)

(Example 1)
Dude 1: Did you see the archery duo Sara and John yesterday?

Dude 2: No, I didn't get the chance to.

Dude 1: Duuude, they are insaaane!! They could straight-up katniss the pants off your legs bro....

Dude 2: (@_@) Wicked........

(Example 2)

Dudess: From where you're standing at right now. That target, which is situated behind the tree, is just unkatnissable.

Dude: I'll bend the arrow.

Dudess: (>_<) I’m not Jolie; &we’re not in the movie Wanted.


#to katniss the unkatnissable

(Example 3)
Bro 1: You can’t outkatniss the frat kingpin of the beer-pong bro... no way

Mamacita: NO DOUBT ESE! My money’s on the kingpin aaall day!

Bro 2. No way in heaven I can’t; I katnissingly make EVERY shot.
by Icystrider April 19, 2012

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