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The person with the name "Katlyn" is often thought of as a scumbag/whore sort of person. "Katlyn"s usually backstabb friends for a living. People named "Katlyn" always go out with guys, then like some other guy, and if she wants your man she'll talk you into breaking up with him for you. The things all "Katlyn"s do is call people names they know they are.
Some random person: Katlyn is my BFF
You: I hate her
Some random guy: shes my girlfriend
next day
Some random person: I hate Katlyn!!
You: SO DO I
some random guy: She broke up with me for no reason.
katlyn:stop talking about me you scumbags jkjk no i am a scumbag
by Your Mom Likes Pie March 20, 2011
1.pretty much the coolest person on the face of the universe.
2.everyone loves to be around her.
3.very pretty.
4.can put a smile one anyones face, no matter what she is doing.
dude, katlyn is fucking amazing, i love her.
you man, katlyn is the SHIT!!!
omg, i want to be just like katlyn.
by downlowprohoefosho February 22, 2008
The most amazing, special, beautiful girl. she's super caring and is the sweetest thing. She can be a loser at times but you learn to love it. Every girl is secretly jealous of her.. she can make you smilee and she's that one friend you know you can count on to be there for you. It's kind of hard not to love her because she's so awesome. she's everything you could ever ask for in a girl, and if you're lucky enough to be her guy, you really don't want to let her go. one look at her and it's like "damnn.." best name everr :)
Guy 1: Damn who's that girl? ;)

Guy 2: Pretty sure her name is Katlyn

Guy 1: I want her!

Guy 2: Too bad, she's already taken :(
by cobbie. June 19, 2011
Huge, boring, stupid slut. She's a social chameleon. She eats tampons and brags about it. She's brags and lies about everything. She watches Hannah Montana then lies about it. Is super gay. Has a different boyfriend every week. She's an attention whore. She has no friends because she's a terrible person.
Katlyn sucks really hardcore manginas.
by AnalisaPaine July 04, 2011
1. Inventer of the 'snog'
2. One who snogs Charro
3. Lord_Death's Partner in Crime!
1. Woah cool word Katlyn!
2. There goes Katlyn..Again..
3. I wish I was Katlyn:(
by I am Cool. August 03, 2004