a very Hot Actress who's only 26 use to date and was engaged to chris klein but not anymore. she plays in Dawsons Creek. movies. abandon the gift. go teaching mrs. tingle and disturbing behavior.
Katie Holmes Very Great Actress and hot wish i could Date her if i was rich.
by Ratt April 08, 2005
Top Definition
Any girl who innocently takes on the role of "beard" to hide a man's homosexuality.
Katie Holmes is a poor, unsuspecting beard for Tom's pathetic
attempt to mask his obvious inner West-Hollywood queen.
by Anne-Lise August 05, 2005
actress with a kind of crooked smile that "dates" crazy couch jumper tom cruise. also being followed by a bunch of scientologists. nice boobs, tho'.
i wonder how is sex for katie holmes now that i have seen how tom cruise jumps on couches.
by erik lervold August 12, 2005
B-List actress who is rising to the top of the Hollywood ladder by being Tom Cruise's beard (Sorry ladies, but he is very much a friend of Dorothy's). Has two different facial expressions and a large birthmark on her rump. Claims to be a virgin, but at 26- honestly, come on!
Person 1: This person is a bad actress!
Person 2: Yeah, that's Katie Holmes. At least she's riding on Tom Cruise's coattails so she'll go "somewhere"...
by LolaLola August 06, 2005
Tom Cruises fag hag.
Katie Holmes is suck a sweetie. It's really too bad TC turned her into his fag hag to cover his homosexual fantasies of being sodomized by a 300 pound black man named Larry.
by squish squashy April 28, 2006
A meek twenty something year old actress (see pushover) who is currently being forced into marriage with the evil and domineering Tom Cruise. Will most likely only be remembered for her character Joey on the show Dawsons Creek, which explored teen self discovery through pathetic, nauseating monologues.
(when referring to someone acting like a door mat): "Stop pulling a Katie Holmes!"
by thepinkpanther August 28, 2005
Also known as Tomkat.
Member of worst publicity stunt after Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton.
Run Katie Holmes, run!!
by Luizza June 30, 2006
1. To sell you soul for A-list stardom. see: easy virtue

I used to like Katie Holmes, but now she's just a knocked-up ho.
by Mona Lott March 14, 2006
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