annoyingly in love with tom cruise. insists on eating his face in every public place. obsessed with scientology..whatever that is.
katie holmes: "yes we are in love, i love him so much etc etc etc"
by sex_pants April 11, 2006
(n.) A young woman whose sad predicament initally elicits pity, but through her repeated actions only solidifies one's opinion that she dug her own grave. See also: pulling a Katie Holmes
I totally felt sorry for that shy girl who got knocked up by Lester the Molester. But now, she's livin' in a trailer with him and cookin' meth every weekend. What a Katie Holmes.
by sunnyrustle April 07, 2007
(verb) to get out of an abusive and controlling relationship without the other party noticing what's going down until you are long gone.
"Awesome! Way to Katie Holmes your way out of there and into a bright exciting future!"
by K_Holmes March 03, 2015
a drastic and abrupt fluctuation to the state of arousal in which a fully erect penis losses all blood flow becoming irreversibly flaccid. Commonly repulisive or offensive behavior such as marrying Tom Cruise can lead to this, at times downright embarrassing condition.
"and then what?"

-"she pulled down her panties."
"annnd then??"

-"I don't want to talk about it bro."
"c'mon, you're killing me. what did she do next?"

-"she grabbed a cereal bowl..."

-"and then she squat over it and took a shit."
"what the fuck?"

-"yeah bro. the smell was awful."
"I can't believe that. That chick is so unbelievably hot. What the hell did you do?"

-"what do you think I did? I put my pants back on and split."
"you didn't even have her give you a hummer or a hand job after sitting through something like that?"

-"dude...she shit some nasty fume filled diarrhea in a cereal bowl 6 inches away from me. No hummer or hand job in the world would have done any good. It was so Katie Holmes bro, that black dude from the Green Mile couldn't have even fixed my wood."
by kcnca October 03, 2009
A total bitch that is in love with a total fag. And the only way that Tom Cruise gets attention is by jumping on an annoying black ladies couch.

Katie Holmes is a DICK
by Katie, Ironicly July 24, 2006
one big golddigger.......
tom cruise deserves better than katie holmes
by TheTruthHurts May 17, 2007
a very Hot Actress who's only 26 use to date and was engaged to chris klein but not anymore. she plays in Dawsons Creek. movies. abandon the gift. go teaching mrs. tingle and disturbing behavior.
Katie Holmes Very Great Actress and hot wish i could Date her if i was rich.
by Ratt April 08, 2005

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