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A blonde whore who's only ambition and goal in life is to ruin anybody's dreams. If you see a Kathrynn your best bet is to turn and run the fuck away because she's a leach with more than one dick every day. Thats her MO is to get as many dicks as freakin possible, holy shit so many dicks. Oh and STDs are a predominant part of her vaginal crevice, its bigger than the grand canyon, such a big vagina. Oh my god its so big. And shes a druggy, and a whore.
Guy 1: Oh shit here comes Kathrynn!
Guy 2: Damn, theres 4 of us do you think thats too much?
Guy 3: Hell nah Bra, there could be 20 of us and that'd never be too much.
Kathrynn: Hello boys, who's first.
by Heyyobitch October 26, 2013