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a super pretty fun loving girl who you would want to hang out with all the time. shes a princess who is rich and get everything she want. she loves to help others and likes to hang out with her friends. if your a katerine you are really pretty. if your dating this girl your a lucky guy.
katerinedaisy wishes her name was katerine because she wants to be pretty like her.
by pandagirlrox February 11, 2010
smart with life, always living for whats ahead of her. dont let the cute face fool you, she can be naughty when you trigger her& great in bed. you will never forget her.. beautiful in her own way, yet insecure about herself. always laughing her heart out, yet doesnt take life too seriously. be loyal to her and she will show you the same respect back. be a bitch& she will destroy you with just words. great person to be with, take a katerine as soon as you find her.
by gabii March 14, 2013
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