Top Definition
one who runs her fingers through her hair while saying fuckin repeatedly
by yeah you look stupid August 03, 2003
Often seen "thumpin" or "blowin up" in the black coug...
The Devil drives a black cougar..:o/
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
One who fell in the Art Room, or wait, is that just her make-up? yea,it is,if that's what you want to call it...
Lose the ~*GLITTER*~
uhh....doesn't the name explain it's self..?
Hi, my name is "kat" and i like to use people for things they have cuz like my Third World fellow in China, i don't have the dough it takes to live in PC...
by *°~call the CELLY*°~ July 09, 2003
i hate Kats they're harry, they smell, and they're damn ugly too!!
by what now bitch August 11, 2003

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