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one who runs her fingers through her hair while saying fuckin repeatedly
by yeah you look stupid August 03, 2003
4 8
Often seen "thumpin" or "blowin up" in the black coug...
The Devil drives a black cougar..:o/
by anonymous July 09, 2003
4 11
One who fell in the Art Room, or wait, is that just her make-up? yea,it is,if that's what you want to call it...
Lose the ~*GLITTER*~
2 11
uhh....doesn't the name explain it's self..?
Hi, my name is "kat" and i like to use people for things they have cuz like my Third World fellow in China, i don't have the dough it takes to live in PC...
by *°~call the CELLY*°~ July 09, 2003
0 10
i hate Kats they're harry, they smell, and they're damn ugly too!!
by what now bitch August 11, 2003
2 14