Beautiful Young Lady
Check out that kassi!
by ashleigh August 01, 2004
a sweet, caring girl. most people mistreat her and think she's mean but really no one has ever sat down and had a chat with her and find out who she really is. great personality, great talent. always thinks of others before herself. small boobs but an amazing body and a big butt ;) probably that type of girl that doesn't have that much boyfriends, she waits til the right one appears. likes to play video games, and does a lot of guy stuff but that's what makes her so damn attractive. you'll never meet a girl like this. you'll be in love with her after you really meet her.
that girl kassi is amazing
by tipsyy March 09, 2010
stands about 4"9 very dangerous , VERY DANGEROUS.please dont poke her with any sticks. Will bite with out warning. Do not feed. dangerous
person- aww its so cute
kassi- *bite*
person- ouch
by ksscolon November 16, 2011

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