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UUUHMAAAAZING! Fun to argue with! Kind, warm hearted, loving woman. A female named Kasie will always be loyal, trustworthy and care about the people in her life.
Kasie just made me the best dinner I have ever had!!!
by gussifer February 20, 2013
30 12
super duperrrrrrrrrr hot and very nice and talkative and if only she was a lesbian, then it'd be complete.
I wet my pants as Kasie Lynch walked past me; then I also crapped my pants.
by phillip January 10, 2005
169 74
Kasie is wonderful!
-very sexy
-incredible wife
-some may even call her superwoman
-has some peculiar children
-great eye-candy
-good dancer
-gets no cheese on sandwiches
-likes a nice waltz
-not fond of football games
Kasie, being superwoman, loves superman.
by chica misteriosa December 12, 2010
80 23
See Liar,Backstabber,Dork,Slore,and Pervert.
When you have friends like Kasie Sokol, you don't need enemies.She's the kind of person that treats everyone like crap because she thinks she can get away with it.
by Everybody September 30, 2004
64 160