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The most awesomest person i know to date. She fucking awesome and loves everybody!
Hey look it's Karrington
by fdsdafs December 02, 2013
karringtons are really sweet and are great friends . karringtons can also be really insecure but they love their bodies . karringtons are grate with babies and younger kids . they are great wifes/ girlfriends

and if you ever meet a karrington WIFE her you will never regret it . what ever you do just don't make a karrington mad .
guy 1 : I'm going to ask karrington to marry me today

guy 2 : good luck with that
by notgnirrak May 11, 2016
A boy who is typically hot af but doesn't think so. He rarely opens up to people which is frustrating. He's funny, a great kisser and weird as hell but knows how to throw insane parties. He knows what he wants in life and will try and get it. He can be an asshole but if you find a Karrington you should try to keep him in your life.
Sarah: damn, who's that boy??
Aria: that's Karrington. His parties are crazy af and he's so delicious
by Trapicalhouse April 03, 2016
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