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Some body who is exeptionaly sexy
You look like a Karna!!!
by exhortshyer October 06, 2003
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A kangaroo with silkies like the moon.
by Aidan August 23, 2003
a bald white guy that humps chairs for a hobby!
fat fuk that looks at guys asses
by djkf March 10, 2004
A fat freak who thinks liking something everyone hates is badass. Just don't get to like it, or he'll have to start hating it. And you.
Man, that guy is such a Karna. He stopped liking that band the moment one other person bought a CD from them.
by Squeedledorf February 12, 2005
A rivethead who really, really, really hates IRC.
karna why don't you come on irc anymore =
by verix August 21, 2003

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