Top Definition
1. a crazy party girl that loves to take pictures with her friends glasses on.

2. a hottie with a body.

3. fun fun fun.
if the party youre at is dull and lame you might need sum "karena" in there.
by mykey myke February 02, 2010
Karena is a friendly and kind girl. She will always try to help others out. She is beautiful in many ways and plenty smart. Karena can also sometimes be bossy, but when she is she is thinking of ways to make people happy. She loves to read books talk to her friends. Karena participates in many opportunities to help and work with others, like varieties of sports. Overall she is a sweet and loving girl that anyone can be around, just sometimes not in the morning.
Kindest girl out there, Karena found! She is pretty and smart.
by Popbonbon December 27, 2014
According to Greek mythology Karena means PURE, according to me it means FUNSIZED. Karena is a big blessing in a small package .
I like my women Karena
by Ttheguru January 05, 2015
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