someone who catches the wrong train.
-"hey, weren't you supposed to be here already?"
-"nah man, I got the wrong train and ended up in paris"
-"damn bro, you just got karan-ed"
by! April 22, 2010
Top Definition
The epitome of cool. Often used to denote someone whose very understanding and an overall nice person. Will do anything for a friend.
Loved by the opposite sex.
No wonder the girls dig him, he's so karan!
by IAMKLOOT September 15, 2007
Someone who loves to sleep a lot
PJ: He is 3 hours late, where is he?
Friend: He is still Karaning man
by PG.JN January 28, 2009
A cool, smart guy who loves sports and girls. A person who is very social and loves to go out and have fun.
"Wow, that guy loves to go out, he's such a Karan"
by Goldman123 July 18, 2009
Someone who has you at hello.
The first time i met him, I got Karaned.
by aabdul May 23, 2010
Someone who is extremely lazy but as quiet as a cat
PJ: Its 4pm, why isnt he here yet?
Friend: Who Karan? He is still sleeping man
by PG.JN January 28, 2009
Karan is a very unique and interesting person. He is liked by everyone and also has a great taste in fashion. This Person is always well dressed and very loved.
It's that Karan, wow he looks good .
by Ball king March 26, 2016
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