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the gayest of the gay fish
Kanye west likes fish likes fish sticks so he is a gay fish
by mango Suave April 26, 2009
A gay fish.
leila: i luv fish sticks so much!
chelsea: what a kanye west.
by Thuggy b April 14, 2009
to be be happy for someone but still bag on them
"yo tayler im real happy for you and im'a let you finish but beonce had one of the best videos of all time."-Kanye West
by VLS yomama October 25, 2010
an idiotic, ignorant, amazingly egotistical low class black man, who by some miracle has made millions of dollars through music even though if he was white and shared the same pro-white beliefs that he has as a black musician he would be denounced as a racist and would be a penniless pauper.

Special Note: His ego is so big it has been documented that great pains have been made to fit it all on stage during his concerts.
Kanye West: George Bush doesnt care about black people.
Sensible Person: Most Black people dont care about other black people, in fact most black people procreate out of wedlock and dont care to be around for the aftermath as in being a father.
Kanye West: Uhh,...Man Im Kanye West aint you know that.

Sensible Person: (Speechless) Yes, yes you are, my congratulations on that.

Kanye West: Sorry Taylor but Beyonce's video was the best ever.

Taylor Swift: Im only 19 and you ruined my moment in the spotlight.
(2 Sensible people watching on TV)
Person 1: Its amazing his ego was that big.
Person 2: Not really, remember the "black people" comment?
Person 1: Oh yeh right. His ego just gets bigger I guess.
Person 2: Whats really amazing is if a white musician did that to a black musician they would be run out of the business. His CD sales will probably go up.
by Skidmark McGee October 01, 2009
An epic f*cking douche bag. Arrogant, moronic, soul crushing b*stard with awful sh*tty music.
Person 1: "Did you see Kanye West at the VMAs?"
Person 2: "Yeah he's a total douche."
by JaymesMaxwell September 15, 2009
An amazing artist and an asshole, but at least he admits it.
Me: I love me some Kanye West!
Retard: Fuck that guy! His music sucks and hes an asshole!
Me: You obviously haven't listened to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and hell yeah hes an asshole and he knows it!
by Lil Wayne sucks 2 dicks July 13, 2011
Kanye West is a bitch like my ex-girfriend
by Chappyballs September 16, 2009